Writer. Public Historian. Healer.


 Intuiting | Essence | Connecting | Light

Infusing historical interpretation 

with intuitive & healing energy 

to extract meaning

capture essence

and reflect light.

For Individuals and Collectives



Museum Content

Historical Analysis

Content Editing

Copy Editing

Public Historian

Sports Public History

Sites of Conscience

Commemoration Studies

Social Justice

Interpretive Strategizing


Mindset Coaching 





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Partnering for Impact

My mission is to gently foster lasting conscious expansion through impactful incremental action 

We live in a time of dynamic growth 

Yet, radical change rarely actually happens in the human experience. Big moves are often followed by a boomerang effect, back to a homeostasis. Rather, incremental changes, over time, in a safe and expanded conscious state generate seismic shifts that feel radical and manageable. 

This is where the magic lies.

I work with individuals & collectives, 

increasing awareness + implementing action 

for lasting impact.

My ideal clients are socially minded impact makers

who value

empathetic connection

creative problem solving

dynamic learning

acting with agency

integrity & authenticity

balanced sense of humanity

navigating change with gentleness

and intend to

generate public discourse

engage their community

expand personal awareness

incrementally shift for dynamic results

Connect to Timeless Flow

Each one of us holds an entire world in our hands

Tap into it's unconfined expanse

Flow with the never-ceasing energetic movement

Combine worlds, initiate new creation

Shift perspective 

Watch as meaning emerges

Let's, with light and love,

- Kathryn Leann